The Stones Speak – Athens, Attica & Argosaronic Hotels Association

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ClientAthens, Attica & Argosaronic Hotels Association

The stones speak (Award winning project)

The Athens – Attica & Argosaronic Hotels Association assigned Smart Concepts to organise and implement an innovative idea for reinforcing the cultural tourism in Athens. The project was called “The Stones Speak”.
We chose some of the finest, most famous texts by Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Sophocles and Aristophanes. Then, we collaborated with a group of talented young actors, who prepared some astonishing street performances based on those texts. They presented them live, daily, in front of the most important archaeological sites of Athens and inside the Archaeological Museum.
Seven different performances, seven days a week in seven unique locations of Athens.
The result was a surprising, entertaining and educational experience. The contemporary audience, both local and foreign, was thrilled. They were given the opportunity to enjoy the words and ideas of the shiniest minds of antiquity in a fresh,inspiring way.

The Smart Concepts team planned, organized and implemented the project and its PR & Communication strategy in an outstanding way. thus offering the tourists and the Athenians a unique experience for a whole month.