Heart II – Campaign Against Smoking

Heart II - Campaign against smoking logo
Heart II - Campaign against smoking event
Heart II - Campaign against smoking event
Heart II event
ClientBehrakis Foundation
SkillsCommunication Campaign

Heart II - The Truth About Smoking

The Behrakis Foundation conceived and funded the Heart II project and worked closely with the Greek Ministries of Health and Education, the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens and the Harvard University.
As with all other health related projects we have undertaken, the Smart Concepts team firmly believes that it is our duty to implement all communication campaigns in the most outstanding way. Following our heart for the Heart II, our team designed an appealing comprehensive communication campaign that was especially targeted to younger ages and included logos and website design, social media campaigns, educational handbooks and audio-visual material.
The project messages travelled around Greece through our communication campaign and the numerous educational seminars, lectures, conferences and other activities for smoking prevention that take place nationwide.